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It's March, it must be a BOOKSWAP!!

Restaurant Bar and Grill
Restaurant Bar and Grill, Princes Square Shopping Centre, Buchanan St,, Glasgow G1 3JX.
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Restaurant Bar and Grill, Glasgow

March 14, 6:30pm-9:00pm

Responding to our member suggestions and in light of the fact that we are celebrating both International Women's Day and World Book Day, in March we saw the return of our bookswap event. There was plenty of discussion about the books being swapped - why they had been picked, what they meant to the giver, and so on.

We also heard from a guest speaker, Fiona Taylor, author of "Discover Your Voice of Power - 7 Ways to be Heard Loud and Clear", and coach to more than 40,000 worldwide on using their most valuable free gift - their voice.

Feedback from those who came included:

It was my first event and I was nervous about coming as didn't know anyone. As soon as I walked in, I was welcomed upon arrival and made to feel very comfortable.

Great to meet new people.

A great welcome to SWIB.

Venue was lovely. The fact that they gave a gift made it feel special. Like they really valued us as customers. I loved the book swap too. This was a first for me and it really felt like you took something more than a book away. It gave a bit of an insight to the person you swapped with.

The restaurant were fantastic, really helpful. Love a bookswap.

Food was excellent and always like a book swap.

I enjoyed attending my first SWIB event. The bookswap idea was novel for me, and I enjoyed using that as a means of breaking the ice for developing my network. ... Looking forward to the next

As always, feedback about the event (both good and not-so-good) is considered by the committee and used to inform future events.