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SWIB's AGM and Event - Broadcasting: Behind the Scenes

House for an Art Lover
House for an Art Lover, Bellahouston Park, Dumbreck Road,, Glasgow G41 5BW.
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House for an Art Lover, Glasgow

September 11, 6:00pm-9:00pm

Alison Walker entertained us with behind-the-scenes stories from her career in broadcasting. She has more than 20 years of experience working as a reporter and presenter with the BBC in TV and Radio, so she had plenty to choose from (including her memorable encounter with Russian President Putin at the Sochi Olympics in 2014)!

We returned to the elegant surroundings of House for an Art Lover for our kick-off for the new swib year, preceded by a short-but-sweet AGM.
A stunning setting - House for an Art Lover<br/><a href="gallery/swib_agm_sep2018/991/add/#comments">Add comment</a>
AGM setting<br/><a href="gallery/swib_agm_sep2018/992/add/#comments">Add comment</a>
Window detail<br/><a href="gallery/swib_agm_sep2018/996/add/#comments">Add comment</a>
Flower detail<br/><a href="gallery/swib_agm_sep2018/994/add/#comments">Add comment</a>
Room detail<br/><a href="gallery/swib_agm_sep2018/993/add/#comments">Add comment</a>
Room detail<br/><a href="gallery/swib_agm_sep2018/997/add/#comments">Add comment</a>
Room detail<br/><a href="gallery/swib_agm_sep2018/998/add/#comments">Add comment</a>
AGM - retiring president Teresa Jackson<br/><a href="gallery/swib_agm_sep2018/995/add/#comments">Add comment</a>
AGM - incoming president Zaynab Al Nasser<br/><a href="gallery/swib_agm_sep2018/999/add/#comments">Add comment</a>
AGM membership report by Laura McKinnon<br/><a href="gallery/swib_agm_sep2018/1000/add/#comments">Add comment</a>
AGM - changing of the guard<br/><a href="gallery/swib_agm_sep2018/1001/add/#comments">Add comment</a>
Event introduction - Zaynab Al Nasser<br/><a href="gallery/swib_agm_sep2018/1003/add/#comments">Add comment</a>
Announcing the funds raised for charity of the year, Teresa Jackson<br/><a href="gallery/swib_agm_sep2018/1004/add/#comments">Add comment</a>
Presenting the cheque<br/><a href="gallery/swib_agm_sep2018/1006/add/#comments">Add comment</a>
Thank you from Playlist for Life<br/><a href="gallery/swib_agm_sep2018/1002/add/#comments">Add comment</a>
Event speaker, Alison Walker<br/><a href="gallery/swib_agm_sep2018/1005/add/#comments">Add comment</a>

Feedback from those attending included:

Good punchy AGM, excellent speaker and lovely food as ever. Great to see Playlist for Life benefiting from the year of fundraising.

Fab venue and I liked the meal too. Speaker was interesting and good networking!

Fab as always!

House for an Art Lover is very special as a venue, and perfect for this event. Alison was an excellent choice of speaker and struck the right tone for this occasion. Spoke to some really interesting people I hadn't met before. Overall a very enjoyable evening.

Great night. As a total newbie it would have been good to speak to more people but the ones I did speak to were lovely. Speaker, meal and venue were great.

As ever, all feedback is considered by the committee and used to inform future events.