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Circular Economy - what it means to all of us

Abbey House
Abbey House, 3rd Floor (VSS), 10 Bothwell Street, Glasgow G2 6LU.
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Abbey House, Glasgow

November 13, 12:00pm-2:00pm

What on earth is is a "circular economy”?

Right now, we have a “linear economy” where we take resources, make things, use them then throw them away. Right now, vast amounts of what we make spends most of its life not being used. A car sits unused for over 90% of its life. Offices are empty for anything from 35-50% of their life

In a “circular economy”, reuse, re-purposing, preservation and future-proofing are all designed in from the beginning. Business models are changing. MRI scanners are leased not bought, lifts are charged on cost-per-use, businesses buy light, not light bulbs.

Quite apart from (hopefully) saving the planet, there are massive business advantages in innovation in this economy. Glasgow is taking a lead in this, focusing initially on the food & drink sector. Leftover rolls are being turned into beer, for example, or coffee grounds being turned into guerrilla gardening “bombs”!

For our November lunch, we met at Victim Support Scotland's training facility, where we welcomed Alison McRae, Senior Director at Glasgow Chamber of Commerce. Alison introduced us to the concept but also some of the really practical stories of what’s happening here in Glasgow.

Comments from those who attended included:

Great buffet.

An excellent event with perfect networking time. Subject matter and speaker also excellent

The room being just for SWIB was great as we could focus on conversations and the speaker rather than distracting noise in a restaurant. Nice for a change. Speaker provided a good introduction to the subject

Great event and food was delicious. Liked that it was a buffet lunch.

Thought provoking speaker and great opportunity to network. Everyone very welcoming.

Friendly, welcoming, informative - enjoyed it.

Lovely people. great spread

As ever, all comments will be reviewed and taken into account when planning future events.