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Networking Skills with Farah Hussain

Your Place!
Your Place!, .
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Your Place!,

May 26, 11:00am-12:00pm

Farah is an outstanding networker - she makes is seem soo easy and seamless! We are delighted that Farah has now launched her own business - We are very lucky to have her coming on the teach us all her secrets and how we can succeed at networking.

About Farah:

Farah is a mother, a wife, and a businesswoman with over 20 years of experience in corporate organisations. Her journey began through working in competitive sales, where through hard work and resilience Farah rose to the top in her field. But she understood that this was not her calling and decided to take that leap of faith to pursue her passion in connecting people.

Now, Farah is a networking professional with 5 years of experience in helping clients and building business networks. She has a well-established community of like-minded individuals, over 5,000 valuable LinkedIn contacts, and the genuine interest to help people succeed. She now wants to use her knowledge to help you promote yourself and build a networking community that supports you.

Through personalised networking online, Farah seeks to open up a new dimension of international business opportunities for members. Her events make networking simple. They are uniquely tailored experiences that accelerate networking to ensure you have the best chance of making your mark. By truly understanding your individual needs, such that you meet the people that are best for you, Farah’s networking events streamlines the networking process and gives you a head-start on your journey.