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An exclusive talk for SWIB with Murphy Wealth

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Your Place,

April 1, 6:00pm-7:00pm

An interactive, virtual event where we will hear exclusively from an energetic, powerful and highly engaging speaker, Neil Bage. Neil will be discussing the extraordinary journey we’ve been on over the last 12 months living with a global pandemic. We’ll explore how have we coped, psychologically and behaviourally, with what the world has thrown our way.

In keeping with the event theme, we'll share live the results from a survey we've asked the SWIB Committee to take in advance of the event, that will draw out specific behavioural insights, to prompt a wider discussion.

To finish off our time with Neil, there will be an open forum for Q&A and general discussion.

We would love you to join us for what will be a thoroughly enjoyable, thought provoking and insightful evening.

Neil Bage is the Chief Behavioural Officer at Murphy Wealth and the founder of behavioural insight's fintech company Be-IQ. ​

A specialist on the sub-conscious behaviours that drive our decisions, Neil is renowned for bridging complex scientific theory with real-world understanding and application.

He has presented to thousands of business professionals around the world on human evolution, psychology, and human biology, all of which combine to reveal how people make important decisions that will impact their wellbeing.