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Hazel McBride, Arbonne International

Global Health & Wellness

Welcome to my SWIB page. After 20 years in the Marketing, Project Management and IT roles within the Utilities industry, I chose to take a very different path and start my online Health & Wellbeing business in 2014.

My mission is to help corporate woman manage the increasing demands of work and family life. I want to help woman stop burning out, trying to 'do it all' and help them to understand the importance of selfcare.

I offer woman a way to create time leverage and a secondary income in their life and I also recommend botanically based nutrition, skincare and cosmetics to improve their health inside and out. I consult people on a one to one or group basis and offer solutions for their needs.

Networking is a huge element of my business both face to face and online.I love to help understanding the needs of different individuals and businesses and connecting people together.

My business currently operates in 7 countries with more plans for further expansion in the next few years. Please don't hesitate to contact if you would like anymore information or assistance.

Thank you SWIB for the opportunity to present myself and my business.