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Tracey Chrystal, Chrystal HR & Chrystal Executive Coaching

Chrystal HR & Chrystal Executive CoachingCategory: Coaching; HR/Recruitment
Tel: 07801 302534

Inspiring Woman in Business

Chrystal Coaching for Woman in Business

The Chrystal Coaching Philosophy is about helping woman in business realise their potential. Whether a sole trader or a small medium size business owner, I am a qualified Executive Coach who is passionate about helping people create positive change. I have a practical, rational approach and believe that people learn best by doing. I help clients find out what works in ways to do more of it, and/or stop doing what doesn’t work and to find ways of doing something else. I ensure a supportive and challenging approach, adapting my style to help clients play to their unique strengths in achieving their goals. Coaching supports leaders achieving the results that are important to their personal success and the long term of their business.

Chrystal HR offers a bespoke service for business owners covering all elements of recruitment, employment contracts, policies and procedures, legislative advice, training, health and safety, team development and everything in between from business growth to downsizing. HR covers all sectors and businesses with 1 employee to many.

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