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2015 (September) AGM and event

Photography by Juliebee, © Julie Broadfoot 2015

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Vice president Laura McKinnon and President Liz Taylor<br/><a href="gallery/2015-september-swibs-agm/541/add/#comments">Add comment</a>
September event<br/><a href="gallery/2015-september-swibs-agm/546/add/#comments">Add comment</a>
September event<br/><a href="gallery/2015-september-swibs-agm/543/add/#comments">Add comment</a>
Annabelle Ewing MSP, our speaker<br/><a href="gallery/2015-september-swibs-agm/544/add/#comments">Add comment</a>
Charity of the Year 2014-15, Nil By Mouth<br/><a href="gallery/2015-september-swibs-agm/542/add/#comments">Add comment</a>
Cara Henderson, founder of Nil By Mouth<br/><a href="gallery/2015-september-swibs-agm/545/add/#comments">Add comment</a>
Annabelle Ewing MSP, Minister for Youth and Women’s Employment<br/><a href="gallery/2015-september-swibs-agm/547/add/#comments">Add comment</a>
The Nil By Mouth team with past and current presidents<br/><a href="gallery/2015-september-swibs-agm/548/add/#comments">Add comment</a>