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Spina bifida is a developmental disorder that affects 1 in 1000 pregnancies. The disability can affect any pregnancy regardless of the mothers age, back ground or nationality.

The majority of those born with the disability will be paralysed from the from the waist down requiring lifetime use of a wheelchair. 80% affected by spina bifida will also be affected by hydrocephalus which may lead to sensory difficulties and problems with social, emotional and cognitive development. All those born with the disabilities usually require life-long support and have multiple complex support needs.

Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Scotland (formerly Scottish Spina Bifida Association) was set up in 1965 as a self-help group by parents. Now over Fifty years on, the charity operate from a Family Support Centre in Cumbernauld and support over 4000 children, young people and adults with spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus, their carers and families. A specialist family support and nursing team embrace a national remit by providing a dedicated support service to all affected across Scotland, including 482 individuals in the City of Glasgow area.

Deborah Roe joined Spina Bifida Hydrocephalus Scotland in 2004. With a strong back ground in corporate sales, she transferred her skills into the voluntary sector. Now 16 years on, as Director of Fundraising, she manages a team of 5 fundraisers and has an income target of circa 1.2 million every year. The charity organise various annual fundraising and social events to raise funds including a Ladies Lunch, Golf day, Strictly Come Dancing and Burns Supper. Full details are available at

The charity is nearly entirely self-funded, and has a limited marketing budget. 70p of every £1 raised is spent directly on support services. Deborah would be delighted to hear from you regarding charity of the year nominations, corporate donations, partnership working, event sponsorship or in relation to the donation of auction/raffle prizes. The fundraising team understand the importance of providing mutual benefits to those that support them and would be delighted to discuss promotional opportunities. In a small charity you can have a BIG impact!

Even if you can’t financially support us, please follow our social media channels and reshare our information to reach a wider audience. Find us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Thank you!
Twitter: @sbhscotland

Twitter: @sbhscotland

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