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SWIB's new Charity of the Year is...

... Glasgow Care Foundation.

For over 140 years, Glasgow Care Foundation has been alleviating poverty in the city, assisting families and individuals in Glasgow who cannot get help from any other agency. They're a small charity doing big things for Glasgow, with just one full time employee and two part timers.

GCF helps people in two ways: individually and by providing grants to community organisations, schools and projects. It helps some of Glasgow’s most vulnerable and needy families who cannot obtain help from any other source. This usually takes the form of provision of essential items such as washing machines, fridges, bedding, cookers and floor covering. They also support with supermarket vouchers to buy Christmas dinner and toys for their children for Christmas morning. GCF has a continuing commitment to support 100 pensioners in poor health, and also supports local community projects and, through collaboration with the Rotary Club, holidays for disadvantaged families. Each year, on average, GCF helps more than 500 families or individuals, and up to 15 organisations within the community.

GCF’s income comes from bequests, legacies and donations, and from capital investments made in earlier years. They do not receive any funding from local or national government, so swib's support can make a big difference to this small charity.

You can find out more about Glasgow Care Foundation on their website, and stay in touch with them by liking their Facebook page.