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  • So we need some light relief. Off to watch #DerryGirls to restore our sanity ( on C4+1) just in case you are wondering #swib 1 week ago
  • Such a privilege to have so much talent and experience in our network...and in the room tonight. We all need all th……1 week ago

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What's new?

Ta-ra! we now have a shopping basket...

We've made a few improvements to our website recently that should help make it easier to book events.

Regular attenders will probably know that future events were not available for booking until the previous event (of the same type) had occurred. No more! Events will be bookable as soon as all the event information has been published (the Who, When, Where, Menu, etc)

What's more, members* will now be able to book more than one event (and buy things from our shop) and pay for them altogether. Yes, at last we have a shopping basket :-)

Check it out, and check out your next events, and let us know what you think...

* If you are wondering why the basket is restricted to members, it's because non-members are limited in the number of events they can attend.

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