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About events

Our events are varied, providing different ways to help members (and visitors) to communicate, connect, collaborate and celebrate in growing their businesses.

Who can come?

Both men and women are very welcome as visitors (at non-member rates) but non-members can only attend two main networking events and one training event each year.

Who is coming?

We publish a delegate list for networking and training events, and send it in advance of the event so that you can make a note of people you'd like to meet there.

We can't provide email addresses on the delegate list though, despite many requests! People provide email addresses to swib purely for us to communicate with them and we can't disclose them to anyone else, even to other members. If you didn't meet someone you hoped to at an event, you can check the directory for members who were at the event.

What does the event charge include?

In addition to the food itself, the event charge includes:

  • a service charge to staff
  • depending on the event, additional drinks may be included - this will be listed on each event as required
  • a £1 donation to our charity of the year from our networking and training events (ALL of the profits from swib strolls go to the charity)