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Charity of the year

Each year, Scottish Women in Business adopts a charity, nominated by members and selected by our President in consultation with committee members.

The money, support and awareness provided by swib will make a big difference to help the chosen charity. At each event, a donation of £1 per attendee is added to the amount that swib pays to the charity at the end of the year, but there are many more ways to help! Here's a round-up of all the ways in which we raise the money for our Charity of the Year. If you have any ideas on how swib can raise even more, please let us know using the contact form.

Charity 2017-18

swib's charity of the year for 2017-18 is Playlist for Life, founded by writer and broadcaster Sally Magnusson in memory of her mother Mamie.

When Mamie developed dementia, Sally discovered that personally meaningful music helped improve Mamie's life with the disease more than anything else.

Paula Bain and Mary McDougall from the charity joined swib at our October event and introduced the work that they do:

"We all have a soundtrack to our lives. There are songs and music that take us back to a different time, person or place whenever we hear them. Putting all that music into one playlist is fun. For people with dementia, it can be a lifeline.

A personal playlist can help to enhance memories and abilities, strengthen relationships and restore a sense of self in a world that can be increasingly alien.

Playlist for Life provides the inspiration and information to help every person with dementia, or those caring for someone with dementia, to create a unique playlist which can transform daily life".

You can find out more about Playlist for Life on their website, and stay in touch with them by liking their Facebook page, following them on Twitter and watching their videos on Vimeo.

Previous years

You can see the charities supported by swib in previous years here.

Want to be our next Charity of the Year?

Check out our how to apply page.