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SWIB's August event - Reality for Business and Life

Malmaison, 278 West George Street, Glasgow G2 4LL.
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Malmaison, Glasgow

August 8, 6:30pm-9:00pm

We met at The Malmaison (@TheGlasgowMal), West George Street for a two-course dinner when our speaker, Dr Libby McGugan (@libbymcgugan) outlined how our state of mind is what forms our experience, business and personal, in a very real way, and that most often, it’s one’s struggle to fix things that works against us.

Dr Libby McGugan has a background of 9 years as an NHS emergency medicine consultant. She has a broad experience in medicine, including medical education, research, major incident management, and as a flying doctor in Australia – all of which taught her resilience and resourcefulness.

For many years, she has had an interest in state of mind and how it impacts on health, wellness, creativity and life experience. She resigned from her job 4 years ago to study this in more detail, learning from people who have overcome seemingly insurmountable health challenges to regain control in their lives and more recently, the mindset of people in high performance sport. She ties this in with evidence emerging from neuroscience, psychology and social sciences in this field.

An entrepreneur herself, she is looking at ways to embed this knowledge into technology to help other people on their recovery journey. She has successfully engaged in two business accelerator programmes (eSpark and Medicity Scotland) and is currently developing a virtual reality platform for wellbeing. She has teamed up with Horseback UK in measuring the impact of their rehabilitation program (which is very successful!), and works with various organisations around state of mind and wellness.

All of this experience and thought made for a very stimulating evening!