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SWIB stroll and social - The City Centre Mural Trail

Virgin Money Lounge, Queen Street, Glasgow G1 3BJ.
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Virgin Money Lounge, Glasgow

August 25, 4:00pm-5:30pm

In 2014, the City Centre Mural Trail was officially launched to promote the growing portfolio of works adorning buildings within Glasgow City Centre. Perhaps it might surprise you to learn that well known artists such as Jack Vettriano and John Byrne have been involved as well as less well-known artists.

It was a slightly wet walk, but that did not detract from the amazing murals - see the gallery below for some pictures of them. Afterwards, we dried out in the comfort of the Virgin Money Lounge with a welcome glass of fizz and some nibbles.

All proceeds from this event go to our charity of the year, Dress for Success Scotland.

NOTE: this was a very popular walk (selling out 2 weeks in advance!) so another Mural walk is being planned to see the murals that were not visited this time around. Look out for the announcement in a newsletter or on Facebook once a date has been set.

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Are ye asking...?<br/><a href="gallery/swib_mural_trail_2017/962/add/#comments">Add comment</a>
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Billy Connolly<br/><a href="gallery/swib_mural_trail_2017/981/add/#comments">Add comment</a>
A welcome glass of fizz<br/><a href="gallery/swib_mural_trail_2017/982/add/#comments">Add comment</a>
Movie room in the Virgin Money Lounge<br/><a href="gallery/swib_mural_trail_2017/969/add/#comments">Add comment</a>