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Ellis Gin - The Story & Optional Tasting

Zoom, UK

May 29, 7:00pm-8:30pm

We are delighted to welcome Carol Jackson of Ellis Gin to host a very special event!

Part One: The Story
Starting at 7pm we hear from Carol about her business background and what made her create Ellis Gin - and the story from then on! This part of the event is free for all to attend.

We will then take a 10 minute break from 7.20pm-7.30pm to allow set up for part two!

Part Two: The Tasting

For this you will need to book a second event, either Option One or Option Two. These MUST be bought by Monday 25th May in order to have them delivered to you on time.

Option One: 3 x 50 ml bottles Ellis Gin (each of the 3 flavours) - £20

Option Two: 3 x 50 ml bottles Ellis Gin (each of the 3 flavours) and 2 mixers and one prosecco - £25

If you choose option one you will need to buy your own mixers and garnishes for the below drinks. If you choose option Two you will only need garnishes - however all garnishes are added extras.

Carol will talk us through all the gins and teach us how to make:

  • No.2 Scottish Bramble - Tonic or Ginger Ale and orange to garnish
  • No.3 Butterfly Pea - Elderflower tonic (or Lemonade) - and blueberries to garnish
  • No.4 Pink Shimmer - Lemonade, Cream Soda or Prosecco and strawberries to garnish

It is going to be a great Friday night!!


About Ellis Gin

With over 73 million bottles of gin sold in the UK last year and with 1 in 16 people drinking gin every day - the Gin Bubble is not about to burst.

Ellis Gin is a range of brightly coloured and naturally flavoured Gins - that are distilled right here in Glasgow. Ellis Gin's aim is to bring fun to the gin market. With two of their range changing colour when mixer is added and their Pink Gin having a gorgeous gold shimmer to give it a mystical appearance.

Ellis Gin is a standout gin range - designed for people who appreciate a delight to all the senses, tasting, looking and smelling amazing. A gin to share and talk about with friends.