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SWIB Wellbeing Session: Opportunity Knocks as Office Beckons


April 22, 6:00pm-7:00pm

SWIB Wellbeing sessions are free sessions for all touching on subjects that may help to shape you and promote a healthy work life balance. Each month a guest company will host a 45 minute session.

Aprils training session will be hosted by: Deirdre Clitheroe Coaching
Topic: Opportunity Knocks as Office Beckons

It is not just the office layout that has to be considered as businesses think through their return to the office approach.

This session will help you check in-

- how you are feeling

- what input you have and/or want to shape our new work hubs

- reuniting work teams

- role model post pandemic leadership

These are all valid considerations for yourself and your team, workforce, family life as new working patterns emerge in 2021 This Well-being session for SWIB will start or continue your thoughts and discussions on this timely topic and will provide some discussion time too

Deirdre works with powerhouse women to integrate their professional and personal lives and develop a clearer focus and strategies for their long game: Being Well and Doing Well, For powerhouse woman ready to go from clenched game face to living with Guts and Grace... get in touch

FREE for all