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The Power of Personal Development with Danielle MacLeod

63rd & 1st
63rd & 1st, 16 Bothwell Street, Glasgow G2 6NU.
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63rd & 1st, Glasgow

May 17, 12:30pm-2:00pm

During the months of April to June, SWIB will be showcasing our Personal Development - Let's Focus on You theme.

SWIB will be hosting a series of events and workshops to help you understand the importance of Personal Development and how it can inspire, motivate and help you grow personally and professionally.

SWIB are delighted to welcome author Danielle MacLeod as our speaker for this event. She will be discussing the power of personal development and sharing her wisdom detailed in her recent personal development books.

A buffet lunch will be provided as well as an opportunity to do some face to face networking.

A few words from our speaker....

Why would a woman with one of the biggest People Leadership roles in the UK co-found a business for Women to dial up their impact in the world without the costs of sacrificed relationships and health?

Vision, purpose and a deep belief that women can have MORE in their lives with the right support, encouragement and rarely taught tools that make it easier and more inspiring than they ever imagined.

You? You know you could create exceptional things in the world and sometimes you get in your own way. By believing that success carries a burden that simply isn't worth it. Or by burning yourself out working harder and harder.

We need more of you. Not the exhausted, hardworking, fighting daily for what's right you, the one who has learned how to create exactly what she needs in every aspect of your life. We need your leadership, your impact, your mission and your vitality. The who you would be if only you believed you could. It's time to unlock your Zone of Genius.

Me? I specialise in rocket fuel, momentum, heart centred leadership, inspiration and making things easy. I know just how incredible it feels to create a mission that makes you unstoppable, energised and in love with every aspect of your life.

Time to make that difference you long for? Here's some of how we make it happen:

I coach and teach women to unlock self-mastery. Work with me in intimate coaching groups or via the Remarkable Women Community - where exceptional women unlock their own limitless potential, build lifelong relationships and change their lives.

I work with brilliant organisations and leaders who want to build compelling and inspiring, heart-centred missions in the world.

I speak passionately on Women in Leadership - expect the unconventional and a whole boost of action.

I co-lead live events and retreats that transform your thinking and how you live.

Don't think you're remarkable? I do. We should talk about that.