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This page contains questions and answers we've had in the past about SWIB. If you have a question that needs answered, then do please get in touch and we will do our best to answer it.


Q. Do I have to own my own business to join SWIB?
A. No, any working woman is welcome. Members may work in business (their own or as an employee), in the public sector or in the not-for-profit sector, and are all welcome.


Q. Do we pay a service charge to staff at the venues we visit?
A. Yes, this is included in the event charge and is paid to the venue.

Q. Are drinks included with the meal?
A. Only the welcome drink on arrival. If you want another glass of wine or other drink with your meal, you may be able to order one and pay for it, though not all our venues allow this (as it can be a bit complicated for them).

Q. Can men attend SWIB events?
A. Yes, men have attended in the past and enjoyed our events!

Q. Could you provide email addresses on the delegate list for SWIB events?
A. Unfortunately, we can't. People provide email addresses to SWIB purely for us to communicate with them and we can't disclose them to anyone else, even to other members. If you didn't meet someone you hoped to at an event, you can check the directory for members who were at the event.


Q. How do we raise money for the Charity of the Year?
A. In several ways. First, £1 per attendee is set aside from every event we run and added to the amount given to the charity. We run at least one event explicitly to raise funds for the charity each year, such as a Christmas raffle. And we encourage members to think of ways to raise money themselves for the charity, such as sponsored runs, fire-walks and silences!