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3 in 30 Challenge - Celebrating 30 Years of SWIB

Scottish Women in Business 3 in 30 Challenge

We are challenging you to choose an activity to do 3 times every day for 30 days from the 1st June! This can be ANYTHING!!

Perhaps you want to get fit before summer and can commit to 3km of walking, cycling or running a day!

Maybe you need to take the opportunity to look after your mental health and want to add 3 meditations a day or 3 check-in calls with loved ones you have missed or lost touch with!

Or get back into a hobby you have been missing - 3 metres of knitting a night or 3 chapters of a book!

This challenge can be designed by you to suit you - but you must commit to it for 30 days - and in true Thriving Survivors style - it should be something that helps you THRIVE physically or mentally!


So how to enter!

  • First of all join our WhatsApp group for those participating:
  • On here we will ask you to tell us your Challenge and send you a donation link to pay your £30 entry fee to Thriving Survivors.
  • We ask you to check-in at least 3 times over the month with pictures/videos and how you are getting on so we can do updates along the way on social! We would love to see you track your progress on social and tag us for a share.
  • Then it is up to you if you want to raise more!


We will have 3 prizes at the end!

  1. All who enter will be entered into a prize draw
  2. The biggest fundraiser will win a special prize
  3. The most engaging challenger will be up for a prize!


Will you accept the Challenge?