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Lucy Butters, Elembee ltd


I work with people and teams to improve effectiveness working across cultures; be that international cultures or local.

If you are looking to enhance international effectiveness or improve diversity and inclusion in your organisation then there is a wealth of research around the world which shows that building cultural intelligence has impact.

What is the difference between teams, leaders and organisations that thrive and reap the rewards of cultural diversity - and those that don't?

A growing body of evidence says an answer is Cultural Intelligence (or CQ).

CQ can be assessed and it can be developed.

I am an advanced, certified CQ professionalwith the Cultural Intelligence Centre, currently the only one in Scotland.

I provide training and coaching to develop leadership and enable teams to work effectively in complex, international and culturally diverse contexts.

I offer one-to-one coaching, team workshops and consultancy services.

CQ assessment and coaching is especially useful for people about to move overseas for work; people leading, or working in, international teams; or as a team development day to get people thinking about difference and their organisational culture in a new way.

I also work as an executive coach. Key themes that my clients seek coaching for include; to gain clarity during periods of transition, to find better ways to balance the demands of work when there is a feeling of overwhelm, or to take stock of skills and achievements in order to think of next steps.

I am an award winning speaker. I speak on how a cultural intelligence approach enhances diversity & inclusion and/or internationalisation.