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Josephine Oboh-MacLeod, JOM Charity)SCIO)

Art, Well-being, Culture

About JOM Charity:

JOM Charity (SCIO) SC048839 is a Charity whose focus is to make use of the arts (visual arts, performing art/ written art, such as paintings, music, poetry, drumming, dancing, drawing, digital art, spoken word, crafts, sculpting, acting, gardening, games, photography, storytelling and other artistic media) to raise awareness and educate the general public about mental health and general wellbeing issues and challenges.

JOM Charity is one of the first Art & Well-being Charities founded by a black woman of Black African descent, Chief Josephine Oboh-MacLeod in East Dunbartonshire. JOM Charity (SCIO) Charity number SC048839, full name Josephine Oboh-MacLeod Charity, is registered with the aim of improving humanity through Art & Wellbeing. JOM Charity also promotes Culture, Fair-trade, Community, Heritage, Science, Human Rights & Environment.

We also promote culture & tourism.