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Mehalah Beckett, Lead Powerful Impact

Leadership & Business Coach

I’m Mehalah Beckett, Founder of Lead Powerful Impact.

I accelerate the impact of changemakers - leaders driving economic, social and environmental impact.

As a result of spending time with me, leaders are re-energised by their mission, focused on their strategy and at peace with their progress so they fall back in love with what they do, take their business and impact through the roof, and sleep soundly at night. Who do you know who craves this?

An economist by background, I worked in London as a consultant before moving abroad with the UK Government supporting African states on sustainable economic development. I then joined the private sector as Africa Director for Travel B-Corp Intrepid where we used business as a force for good across the region.

I now work as a Professional Coach, B-Corp (Sustainability) Consultant and Mentor accelerating sustainable business and purpose-driven leaders.

You don't need help, but if you'd like support scaling your impact sustainably, get in touch to experience a powerful coaching session.

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