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  • Last chance to book for our SWIB Festive Celebration πŸΎπŸŽ„ Join us at The Corinthian Club in the Mercer Room on the 1……1 day ago
  • Meet our SWIB committee If you are interested in being on the SWIB Committee please get in touch. Drop us a messag……2 days ago

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Elembee ltdLucy Butters, Elembee ltd Trainer-Speaker-Coach:I work with people and teams to improve effectiveness working across cultures; be that international cultures or local. Olwen Kirkpatrick, Steps to Change Coaching Personal CoachingI am a Psychological Coach working with people to make changes in their personal lives or improve aspects of their working lives. I also have many years expereince as a lecturer/trainer and now run Coaching Skills Courses and Personal Development Courses. 07807007097Gail Love-Schock, 07807007097 Transformation & BehaviourGail Love-Schock is a go to coach and mentor specialising in Human Behaviour, Transformation, Heart to Brain Coherence and Life Celebration. Lesley C Macniven, Lesley Macniven Consulting Gender Equality consultant Soulfonic Confidence CoachingAnna Myklebust, Soulfonic Confidence Coaching Confidence CoachingBeing human can sometimes be difficult and challenging. There’s an increasing amount of stress in our lives. Each one of us has a different set of needs, fears and insecurities. We face mental obstacles and hurdles at several stages in life. I’ve faced mine. And I’ve faced them again. I’ve worked through my beliefs and fears, and I’ve found my strength. I’ve found my confidence. And it’s changed me, I’ve found balance and harmony. I’ve found my values, identified what’s important to me. Influential MindsKath Parrington, Influential Minds Business CoachingAs part of the Influential Minds team I work with business owners to lift them out of the day to day chaos and pressure resulting from being their own boss. Recognising that most business owners go in to business because they are good at what they do, without ever learning how to run a business, they tend to spend long hours firefighting and working hands on in the business. I can help them take a step back and take control by spending more time developing their business to: Buoyancy CoachingTineke Zoet, Buoyancy Coaching Career and Life CoachDid you know that nearly 70 Percent of workers feel unsatisfied with their career? Do you dread going to work every morning and feel unfulfilled and unappreciated in your job? Then Buoyancy Coaching is here for you as it is time for change.