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Aspire & Advance Coaching Solutions: 10% Off

Aspire & Advance Coaching Solutions: 10% Off

Professional Background

Janette has come to executive coaching after a 30 year career in operational leadership working at a senior level in companies such as BT, Openreach, 3, NHS and her own consultancy businesses.

Janette has worked in multiple industries internationally and, as a C Suite executive, has gained valuable experience in working at board level.

Janette understands cultural dynamics, transformational change, behavioural change, performance management, employee relations, operations, business development, leading and developing leadership teams in operational, contact centre and complex engineering environments.
Executive Coaching & Mentoring

Janette has always had a keen interest in coaching and has honed her skills over the years working with and mentoring individuals in various industries. She has also mentored many individuals and groups across her career, focussing on helping them get the best from themselves.

Janette was the winner of the ITP, Women in Telecoms award in 2018, winning for outstanding leadership in the telecoms industry. She is described as a compassionate and challenging coach who works well with leaders and teams going through transition, such as promotion, change of leadership, transformation, growth and culture change.
Coaching Style

Janette is an authentic coach with a down to earth approach helping her coachees to be happy and successful at work. Janette is direct and to the point, and uses her experience to your advantage.

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