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Kinder Handl - VIP Discount

Kinder Handl - VIP Discount

Our community enterprise is all about spreading joy and positivity through recycled and upcycled items. Whether it's a bright, hand-painted vase or a funky, one-of-a-kind outfit, we've got something to brighten your day.

Two bustling children's toy & clothing stores plus a large Homeware venue too! Don't forget to visit our free sensory space too! Each store is a unique experience with kids play areas whilst you browse - did I mention dog friendly at our Homeware store? ๐Ÿ•

SWIB enjoy a fantastic benefit and let's work together to support each other's enterprises!

We are delighted to introduce ourselves, we are Kinder Handl Community Enterprise CIC, and we're thrilled to share our exclusive discounts and special offers with all SWIB (Scottish Women in Business) members.

Welcome to our VIP Rewards Program, where your membership opens the door to an array of exciting benefits:

1. 10% Off All Your Purchases:

- Enjoy a generous 10% discount on all your shopping endeavours.

- This discount is applicable to every product in our store.

2. Or opt for an Impressive 20% Discount on Orders Over £100:

- Indulge in remarkable 20% savings when your total purchase exceeds £100.

- Perfect for those enjoyable shopping sprees!

3. Alternatively, Mix and Match with Our 3-for-2 Deal on All Clothing:

- Enhance your shopping value with our special 3-for-2 promotion on all clothing items.

- Unleash your creativity by mixing and matching to create your ideal outfit.

- Please note that this offer cannot be combined with the 10% or 20% discount.

4. Plus, Delight in £5 Worth of Free Books for Every £20 Spent:

- Calling all book enthusiasts! Here's a special treat for you.

- Receive £5 worth of books absolutely free with every £20 spent.

- This offer can be combined with any other deal on this card.

Key Information:

- The VIP Rewards Card is exclusively for the cardholder's use.

- All our exciting deals and discounts are valid for in-store purchases only and cannot be applied to online orders.

- You can take advantage of these fantastic deals multiple times, so keep this card handy for all your upcoming visits.

We sincerely appreciate your choice in making us your preferred shopping destination. Our team is dedicated to providing you with an exceptional shopping experience. Don't forget to present this card at checkout to unlock these fantastic offers. Happy shopping!

Should you wish to receive your VIP Rewards card, kindly reach out to us by providing your full name, phone number, email address, and mailing address. We will make the necessary arrangements for its delivery to you.

How to claim this offer

Only members can claim our offers. If you're already a member, you need to sign in first. If you aren't a member yet, you can join SWIB here.

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