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Member offers

Create an offer

Members are able to create promotional offers at a discounted rate and post ongoing deals for free.

If you are already a member, sign in now to benefit from these prices. If you aren't, you can join SWIB now.

Please note:

  • members can have more than one offer listed (e.g. for different services), but please don't create too many!
  • members can make a "permanent" offer (for the duration of their membership) or a limited-time offer for up to 90 days
  • it's best to use a limited-time offer if your offer or promotion has a natural end-time, e.g. a specific event that you are promoting
  • non-members can only make a limited-time offer, for which we charge £200
  • if you would like to change an offer, please submit a new version with a note in the Full Description to say "This replaces my existing offer"

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