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Mentoring - The How and Why for Potential Mentors and Mentees

Quilter Cheviot
Quilter Cheviot, Delta House, 50 West Nile Street, Glasgow G1 2NP.
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Quilter Cheviot, Glasgow

April 26, 5:00pm-7:00pm

Lyndsey Phillips of StimuliEvolve is a successful professional business coach and has worked with a variety of businesses over the years. She has a background in food and tourism, as well as sales, marketing and leadership skills with a FTSE 100 company. Lyndsey has been an active Mentor with the Scottish Business Mentoring Scheme for 10 years, mentoring many small businesses in their journey for growth.

The workshop asked the question: Why Mentoring? It covered how to find and work with a mentor as well as why you would benefit from being one. It also examined how this differs from coaching, and the how and where to develop your mentoring journey.

Aside from increased knowledge on this subject, attendees also left with a free copy of the book One Minute Mentoring by Ken Blanchard and Claire Diaz-Ortizi

Feedback from those who attended included:

Lyndsey has a very relaxed style of presenting and suited this workshop well. She asked everyone to tell their "story" and created an environment which made it comfortable to do so. It was an interesting subject and the time seemed too short.

Great event with a fab trainer. Would love to see more from Lyndsey!

Great event!

All round enjoyable event - informative and informal!